Tog and Trim: A Good Cause Concept

Tog and Trim: A Good Cause Concept

All things have a story. From the dandelion that traveled the lands with the wings in the wind to the pebble that used to be a part of a ginormous mountain, all things have a story. Well so does all the string of our products at Tog and Trim.

This is the story of our dream projects, which we have worked on for years.

In 2020, the idea bloomed on with an afternoon tea, when for the 3rd time in the week we pulled out our comfy clothes that would fit for our virtual meetings too. A middle ground between fashion and convenience.

The idea snowballed into a research subject matter, then into innovation and now it's a work in progress. While figuring out the middle way between the ally of leisure and luxury, we discovered Narnia.

The idea was to work on a comfort wear clothing company that is all-inclusive, and that incorporates functionality, budget, comfort, styling, body inclusivity, availability for all and age comprehensiveness. The goal is towards a label that says quality with the finest of cotton from the richest soil of India. an international quality material finely selected only for the export quality products, for the price of native apparel.

The Hurdles:

To make such a product is not as hard as being courageous. We know our patrons deserve to wear the best of home-grown material, but the majority of the fine quality is sold to the first world nations, then manufactured into mass-produced garments from the children from the third world countries. Big shot corporations are the only ones profiting from these so-called comfort wear clothing.

In the whole process, the fine material loses its virtue and quality. Now what is left after the 3 months of wear is a washed-out, disintegrating piece of cloth only to be thrown away or used as rags.

This is a problem. Now we needed a solution.

In the words of the mind behind Tog and Trim, Managing Director and Co-founder, Amitosh Mishra, “Since I can remember, I have always been a fashion and clothes enthusiast.

Even as a kid and through the distinctive stories as told by my parents and family, I was never satisfied with my clothes, I always wanted them to be in my perfect size, ironed and without any stains!

Ever since the idea of starting a new clothing brand came into existence, my mind has been on fire! How, from where, and again how, was all I could think of!

In my exploration journey, I discovered a scrutinised venture in sustainable clothing.

Being a fashion enthusiast doesn't give you any knowledge about sourcing, production, legal procedures, and many things behind making a clothing brand.

After a lot of research, travel, and ups and downs, I am proud of where we stand today.

All my clothes are in production, we are starting from scratch, not overlooking a single thing and making sure to get the best thing out, pretty soon with a lot of help and knowledge from my family, friends and majorly my Father, Shrinath Mishra.

From his opinions on sales to his knowledge in the legal aspects and majorly his trust in my idea, I definitely owe him a lot to where we as a company stand now!

I call this a good idea because I believe in sustainability, and these are sustainable clothes.”

The outstanding feat:

In standard expression, everything costs money. The production, transportation, packaging delivery, branding and advertising included, it's pretty expensive to start a company from scratch. But it doesn't have to be as expensive as it is told, especially comfort wear clothing.

We make some very minute and shrewd changes in our systems for them to cost less for us, and reduce the market expense.

The first is for transportation. Our raw materials are sourced locally and processed in the limited time of harvesting. This also benefits the structure of the material, which increases the durability of your clothing.

The cotton from Tirupur is handled by the locals for processing, so not only we are employing the experts for the material, but we are also supporting the local population as an exclusive Indian clothing brand. Our products are then transported in final pieces for quality check and distribution.

We are in-cooperating with the sustainable method of delivery with cardboard boxes and biodegradable ink, which cost less than plastic-based packaging.

In the end, we care for the environment but know that does not require compromise in lifestyle quality.

So if you resonate with our ideologies, stay tuned for our first collection launching super soon.

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