10 Classic Rules of Fashion for Timeless Styling

10 Classic Rules of Fashion for Timeless Styling

Fashion is ever-evolving, with retro always being trendy and old styles making a re-entry in the popular media ever so often. Even with the frequent changes and the comebacks, there are some trends that remain stagnant in the world of fashion. So here are the top 10 rules of fashion that remain classic

Print X Print is a Big No:

The first lesson from the all fashion booklet will teach you this golden rule of sensible styling. clashing print outfits were so 2000s. if you are in the mood for a floral top, denim or black bottoms would give the stage for the colours to shine. Keeping accessories neutral will do the same by allowing the eye to stick to the design. There are ways to style mixed print outfits, but they should be strictly for the event when you want all the eyes on you. avoid overall monochrome unless you are the Queen of England. 

Vertical for Tall; Horizontal of Broad:

https://pin.it/XLQ0vKK your clothes should compliment your body shape, accentuate the better parts, and conceal your area of insecurity to boost your confidence. You can use optical illusion to your advantage in this case, with stripes. Vertical striped apparel are helpful in giving the illusion of length to people with short stature. https://pin.it/3mQmlyx Similarly, horizontal stripes illustrate broader shoulders or curves. So if you are graced with large chests or wider shoulders, skip away from horizontal fits, but men can use these to their advantage to give the illusion of expansion. https://pin.it/7rz4THS  

Learn What Compliments Your Body:

Hubert de Givenchy once said, "The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress." your style should speak your mind. what you wear and feel the most confident and comfortable in leaves a mark you leave in the eyes of your peers. Everyone is unique in their style choices as they are in their body type. discovering your style starts with understanding your body type.

Price is Not The Mark:

Expensive does not equal stylish. your fashion does not have to feel like a burden on your pocket. Your styling, presentation, and accessories are essential to make any couture praiseworthy. if you are a thrifter or you buy from online stores, find your clothes should be complementary to your style and body. However, one should always invest in quality products when shopping for shoes, watches , undergarments or sunglasses. especially undergarments, do not thrift that. Also, as flawed as fast fashion is, spending money on ultra-expensive clothes for casual wear is not wise.  

Know The Wheel:

If you are feeling colourful and want to show that adoption in your outfit, make sure you follow the colour theory. It is used by artists and designers to make the suit out of complementary colours that do not clash with one another, but rather are flattering. colour theory gives us a set of signals for hues that are eye-catching. In complementary you select two colours across each other on the wheel. A split complaint is when you want three dyes, two of them being closer to one another and the other to the opposite spot. the third type, being analogous colours, closer to each other with one-third of the chart being covered.

Denim On Denim Is For 70s

Denim on denim is not the biggest problem, rather a very controversial outfit choice. People are on the fence about them because on one hand it does not fit in any particular occasion to wear a denim shirt with a denim bottom anywhere, but it can also look really stylish if done correctly. The smart way is to style your outfit with some shoes or accessories to contrast the look like Rihanna and others did.  

Match The Bag With Shoes

While not all acknowledge this rule, if your bag matches your shoes, the look is supposed to be more put together. Others feel the purse should blend in with the outfit and should never outshine the outfit as a whole. With changing trends, the ideas also change, and now matching bags with shoes are the latest on the list. So what about people who don't carry handbags or are not a huge fan of it? Well, don't let that restrict you to a box. Without or without a bag your shoes should be fabulous.

Less Is More:

When it comes to accessories, less is more. Do not wear all your accessories together. Less is more helps you manage your wardrobe better. Save some of your staple pieces for a better outfit, don't show it all in one go. If you have a gold necklace, carrying it with a bracelet, fedora, and rings with a red lip would all clash together. If your attire is outstanding, keep your makeup and accessories neutral. a sophisticated beige outfit with a red lip with winged liner goes a long way. In the same line of thought, when in doubt beige and black are the colour to go for. No matter what you do, whenever you have to go, or whatever your style is black and beige are the most effortless way of being in styling and looking fabulous without the chances of being too much.  

Bling Is For The Night.

One of the common moments of misjudgment is when a sequin piece comes out of the wardrobe in broad daylight. Anything that's bright, shimmery, glitter, and sequence is for the nighttime event or a party. Avoid looking tacky with these pieces saved for a girl's night out or to celebrate the weekend.

Confidence Is The Key

Last but not least, any outfit is incomplete without confidence. Carry it like that piece was made just for you. Be bold with your choices, add color to your life, prioritize comfort, and even if you are tiring something for the first time. be confident because that’s what makes your wardrobe complete.

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