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We believe in giving back to the community a percentage of our profits.

Out of all the causes, there that need support, we observed the lack of attention towards environmental protection. With very low attention and funds to the trusts that are aimed to conserve the environment and our belief in the idea of creating eco-friendly high quality clothing, it would be unjust to divert attention to any other cause.

The environment is not detached from all other philanthropic endeavours in social preservation by the working class. If the only planet that is able to support the habitation of our species, our innumerable languages, great artforms and art pieces, diverse culture and so many specials of flora and fauna, is in danger, all other endeavours would be in the void.

We are, hence, looking into working with agencies and NGOs that follow our dream and ideologies.

Gen Z and Millennials are solely responsible for the problems that are the result of all the harm that has been done over the decade to our earth. What has been done cannot be reversed but can be healed.

If the idea moves you and you feel the plight of the planet, then we will soon bring it opportunities to follow the cause close to you.

Our unstaggering attention toward environmental harmony will not be possible if we don’t heal humans. And those who don’t speak our language too.

With so many humans in need of assistance, we are in the progress of bringing education to children, hygiene and sanitation to children and adults, and better living conditions to all in the rural part of our country (starting from the capital). In addition, hundreds of animal

shelters have come under our range to extend our helping hand, we can extend the better life our babies live to the ones who deserve it too.

It’s a big commitment. We have big plans. We need a big team. If you want to be a part of the big deal:

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