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Who we are

There isn’t one simple answer to the question of “Who we are”. Well for one, Tog and Trim bring the idea of clothing, but we are more than just a clothing brand. 

We are a team of fabric enthusiasts.

It is always said that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, Tog and Trim were created by one family out of the same necessity. 

In corporate terms: “Tog and Trim is a clothing brand with expertise in creating fashionable comfort and casual wear with some exclusive collections of chic casuals t-shirts, graphic t-shirts, women’s fashion wear, comfort accessories and much more with the highest quality fabric material cultivated from the tropical regions of the country, hand-picked and processed under expert supervision, until the packaging and delivery to the customer doorstep.”  But let’s be real, we do more than that.

Everyone has great ideas, but the 12-step program to create a sustainable environment-friendly brand that does not compromise on quality has even smaller steps involved.

With our motto of green, environmentally friendly clothes, we try to tie up that concept with casual fashion.  At the cost of sounding over-ambitious, we also try to make all this with a pocket-friendly concept. 

We are on a mission:

Tog and Trim are on a mission to normalise environmentally low-impact, quality fashion products. And we have already taken the challenge. At the risk of resources and valuable time from our vacation at the most beautiful location in India, we tried and tested to produce our first batch of t-shirts that would not cost an arm and a leg for the buyers. 

When our first batch came out we realised that it was not as hard as we thought it would be, but it’s a lot of hard work. This conscious effort without the strategy would crumble our mission but it is not impossible. 

What makes us different:

All brands will try to convince you that they are unique, their idea is different, it has never been done before and they are the only ones that can sell you the quality they are providing. And they are not wrong, we are not here to Bash the others.

The idea of eco-friendly clothing production is not unique or different. It is a traditional practice in many parts and cultures of the world. 

Tog and Trim are one of those platforms that want to share the knowledge and the possibilities of providing a wider range of people easy access to such noble ideas and enlighten those who are yet to be introduced to them.

We are just getting started:

At Tog and Trim, we have the most exclusive designs created by our team of fabulous designers with the key interest in creating unique designs that are usually encoded to suit all people.

Our designers know colour wheel theory and everything. So we trust their big brain energy…

And once every month, the whole team sits together to make better, trendier, slicker and more incredible designs that also pass mom’s approval.

All with mother nature in mind.

But we are just getting started so if you want to be part of our cool journey of cooling the environment while also serving hot looks we welcome you to Tog and Trim. 

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